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What is Second Screen Technology?

Lindsay Hanzlik
Posted byLindsay Hanzlik
on 04/21/17 03:00 PM

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On a very basic level, second screen technology is the use of a second screen to display digital materials on a hand-held, mobile device. 

In a live meeting setting, the first screen is where the presenter’s content historically appears, which is most often on a large projector screen or TV screen. 

The second screen is the tablet with the presenter content mirrored that each audience member is provided.

What is second screen technology?

Why Use It?

Second screen technology in live meetings changes a mobile device from an object of distraction to an opportunity for engagement. No longer is the smart device used to detract from the meeting experience; it now empowers all audience members to actively participate with all elements of the presentation.

New Call-to-action 

Meetings of all kinds can benefit from the added interest and engagement opportunities that second screen technology provides. As with any industry today, it’s easy to become obsolete, and meeting organizations that don’t keep up with the changing landscape of their world will soon fall behind.

What Tech Does Educational Measures Provide?

EM Array™, Educational Measures’ second screen technology, offers 25 different types of audience engagement, including collecting demographics, measuring knowledge transfer, and taking stylus or typed notes, to bring life to meetings that have become stale.

For more information on EM Array, get in touch with one of our experts.



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