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Toeing the Line of Real-Time Live Meeting Analytics

Lindsay Hanzlik
Posted byLindsay Hanzlik
on 01/16/17 11:07 PM

Lindsay Hanzlik is a Content Marketer. She has been the head of marketing in several small businesses in Denver. Her experience spans from B2B professional services to B2C retail. Her roles have overseen all facets of marketing including strategy creation and implementation, end-to-end campaign development, budget management, graphic design, website analytics, and copywriting. She has a degree in writing and is a published poet dedicated to communicating complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner. Lindsay spends her free time with her husband, family, and two pet rabbits. She also has an ever-growing library of hobbies including photography, music, sculpting, baking, and (of course) writing.

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Historically, metrics have not been available to measure audience engagement at live events beyond paper surveys, attendance stats, and the occasional audience response systems (ARS). ROI was nearly impossible to define for any live meeting. 

This has changed within the last five years. Audiences have been empowered to participate in events in a more meaningful way since second screen technology has been introduced.

Toeing the Line of Real-Time


With the emergence of these new technologies, live meeting data is becoming a staple for any meeting planner, sales executive, or marketing team’s success metrics. Understanding the methods and frequency that attendees engage with event content has become more important than ever to continually improve the live meeting experience. Educational Measures (EM) has had an average of 60% response rates on surveys and evaluations—far exceeding the data gathered from paper or ARS. We deliver this data in a post-meeting, printed report in our EM Insights Report to provide the overview of audience engagement in a digestible, comprehensive way. Data from all live meeting technologies should then drive continued improvements to the live meeting experience, identify customer needs and pain points, and highlight client interests.

Simply being able to review metrics after an event may not be timely enough for some live meeting settings. For the serial and global live meeting hosts, it’s imperative to incorporate feedback from current meeting metrics before the next meeting. With EM One-Touch Reporting, EM introduces the first, second screen technology to  deliver a complete summary of all surveys, evaluations, polling, and questions asked, at the touch of a single button. The ease and immediacy of access to event data with this addition to EM’s technology platform is this industry’s largest push to real-time reporting.

Read more about the new product release here.


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