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Pharma Forum Talks Meeting Engagement Solutions

Lindsay Hanzlik
Posted byLindsay Hanzlik
on 03/22/17 02:00 PM

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James Vachon (CMM, Associate Director, Events, Meetings and Conventions, Takeda Pharmaceuticals) was a very fitting speaker to began day 2 of Pharma Forum, engage. 

Vachon took the stage with a witty opening and a nod to the event sponsors. Vachon encouraged every participant to “take every opportunity to engage” throughout the conference. 

Pharma Forum

Utilizing Data to Improve HCP Meetings

Vachon handed the torch off to Martin Jenson (MSc, Head of global Congress and Event Management, Lundbeck; Co-President, International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association) and David Kerr (Senior Director, Creative & Production, Ashfield Meetings and Events) for their session, Enhance the On and Offline Engagement Strategy to Increase the Value of Face-to-Face Meetings.

Jenson discussed the challenge of developing meeting engagement solutions to produce a uniform on and offline experience. “It’s all about making sure we can meet our customers where they are,” said Jensen, “we want to make sure we provide content that is relevant and valuable to them […] and an experience that is seamless.”

Martin Jenson Pharma Forum

Kerr talked about Ashfield's approach to exploring HCP meeting experience. As Bartolone mentioned on the first day of Pharma Forum, Kerr began with the end in mind. He outlined the purpose of the research as being “to gain a better understanding of the role of the types of meetings we deliver and how that plays a part in the overall learning journey of HCPs” and to see how positive and negative views of different aspects of a meeting impacted attendees overall experience. Kerr presented a multitude of interesting statistics from the report, including:

  • The length physicians would be willing to travel to conference is 6-9 hours
  • The desired length of the conference is two days but no more than 3.6 days
  • 75% of HCPs would like to have more input in the content that is presented at meetings
  • 36% of HCPs have never been asked for input on meeting agendas or content

Jenson talked about putting Ashfield’s data to use in both on and offline meetings, stating that his company also used their own research, third party research, and the American Express research.

Overall, this was a great example of how to utilize live meeting analytics to improve the meeting experience and ROI of any live event.

The Three C's of Investigator Meetings

Heidi Cocca (Global Meeting Manager, Merck) closed out the day with Navigating the C’s of Investigator Meeting Management. The three C’s were compliance, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

A common issue that surrounded the discussion of investigator meetings was how to encourage engagement and knowledge retention. Cocca spoke about tailoring the meeting experience to different learning types, rather than just reciting technical information. Current meeting technology and upcoming developments in the meeting technology space offer new opportunities for engagement. 

Even simply having some hands-on examples to walk attendees through procedures can improve both attendee understanding and engagement. Cocca also cited second screen engagement technology, gamification, and VR and AR as options for improving the overall experience of investigator meeting attendees.

Wine and Cheese Reception

We ended the day with some cocktails and discussions in the exhibit hall.

5 Ways to Use Live Meeting Analytics

Take a look at our overview of Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 of Pharma Forum.

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