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Meeting Analytics: Helping Meeting Planners Take a Seat at the Executive Table

Although events are proven promotional tools, they have lacked detailed data collection and analytics capabilities found with other marketing vehicles such as email campaigns and websites. Much of what happened at the event or tradeshow, stayed at the event or tradeshow!

New Technology Drives Green Meetings

“Going green” is so much more than a passing fad and extends far beyond recycling and electric cars. The businesses who will host the successful live meetings of the future will be the ones who effectively implement new technology to catalyze strategic changes. 

Toeing the Line of Real-Time Live Meeting Analytics

Historically, metrics have not been available to measure audience engagement at live events beyond paper surveys, attendance stats, and the occasional audience response systems (ARS). ROI was nearly impossible to define for any live meeting. 

How to Improve Pharmaceutical Meetings with Engagement and Analytics

Picture this:  You plan pharmaceutical meetings and you know the stakes are high. You have important data and messages to communicate and billions of dollars ride on your meetings being successful. The day of your meeting arrives and as you look out into your audience during the first presentation, they're busy looking at their phones. Or worse, they're sleeping. 

Live Meetings: A Catalyst for Customer Relationship Management

By 2017, customer relationship management (CRM) software will be a $36 billion industry. While some businesses will harness this technology effectively and capitalize on their investment, others will not, squandering valuable marketing dollars year after year.

3 Steps Toward Creating Memorable Live Meetings

It’s painful to sit in meetings where someone reads their slides, presents nothing but facts, or drones on about something completely irrelevant to the audience. We have all been subject to death by PowerPoint in session after session, sometimes for days on end. 

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