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How to Beat Digital Distraction with Live Meeting Engagement

In this technology-driven world, digital distractions reign. A ringing phone, an email that just landed in your inbox, a chat message from a friend, photos of furry cats or dogs that can be sent to colleagues in just a click. 

25 Uses of Audience Engagement Second Screen Technology

You are investing time and resources into your live meeting technology. Shouldn't you be getting the most out of it?

Day 3 - Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit

Day three started with a quick breakfast and lively conversations about all that had occurred in the days before. 

Day 2 - Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit

The energy was high on day two of the 2017 Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit. Those who weren’t present for the workshops had arrived by morning.

Day 1 - Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit

Last week was the 5th annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit in Philadelphia.  While I wasn’t able to attend all sessions, I did have a chance to sit in on several and learn from each.

Meeting Analytics: Helping Meeting Planners Take a Seat at the Executive Table

Although events are proven promotional tools, they have lacked detailed data collection and analytics capabilities found with other marketing vehicles such as email campaigns and websites. Much of what happened at the event or tradeshow, stayed at the event or tradeshow!

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