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Live Meeting Analytics: Decoding the Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

Marc Crawford
Posted byMarc Crawford
on 08/23/16 08:55 PM

Marc Crawford is the CEO and Co-Founder of Educational Measures and sets the strategic direction for the company. Marc was recognized in 2012 as a Top 5 Most Influential Young Professional by ColoradoBiz magazine and is Six Sigma certified. Marc is an avid runner and he also enjoys designing and making his kids' halloween costumes every year.

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Live meetings have historically existed as a physical place to interact with your audience. Quantifiable insights were always difficult to gather, and even harder to translate into something useful like a meeting planner.

This ambiguity is a thing of the past.

Live meeting analytics and meeting technology are causing a tectonic shift in the way businesses approach these gatherings. Instead of seeing them as a place where information is known only in retrospect, live meetings can be a hotbed of actionable insights and predictive analytics gained continuously in real time.

Historical Challenges

In the past, businesses lacked the tools to decode audience engagement. Vague predictions of ROI could only be made in retrospect with post-meeting surveys or questionnaires.

The advent of technology offered new possibilities, but these early tools were anything but cohesive. Organizers developed conference apps, believing that a personalized tool would prompt action, deliver insights, and create connection with the audience.

Live Meeting Analytics

More often, these complicated tools required manual download and reeducation to a new system. They failed to inspire the audience, and few people cared to use them.

New Possibilities

Live meeting analytics tools offer a better way to understand ultimate audience engagement. Engaged participants ask questions, immerse themselves in the content, and are more likely to translate their conference experience with improved performance.

Attendees need a convincing reason to connect and engage. An effective tool must be intuitive and easy-to-use, with nimble software that can keep content current. An ability to save slides, ask questions, and take notes within the context of the platform can provide attendees with an invaluable electronic record of their experience, long after the conference has ended.

Organizers need information with actionable results. Good analytics tools deliver reports showing audience interest over time. Drops in engagement reveal parts of the meeting where content was unclear or not relevant, while spikes in participation show areas of strong interest. This visualization empowers organizers to have more directed follow-up and plan better for future events.

The Engagement Difference

Live meetings are always a part of a bigger company initiative, with specific goals being personalized to the industry. Analytics allow businesses to use meetings to further their objectives with sniper-like precision.

For example, financial services firms focus strongly on sales and training and need a way to connect meeting content with performance. Engagement data and testing information can now be linked with a CRM system to show a correlation between meeting engagement and sales impact.

In the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical companies often source advisory boards for new products, involving physicians as paid advisors. Analytics platforms oust the outdated method of audio recorded discussions and feedback (commonly used in these meetings), instead providing a more meaningful tool that electronically documents physician feedback while keeping them engaged in the content being presented.

The advent of analytics, while still early, is a game changer for the live meeting experience. It builds bridges from previously isolated events and makes them a dynamic experience with broad reach. From increased revenue, to maximized marketing, analytics are the key to unlocking live meeting ROI.

5 Ways to Use Live Meeting Analytics

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