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RBC Global Asset Management Case Study: Keep Remote Audiences Engaged During Online Meetings

Marc Crawford
Posted byMarc Crawford
on 10/20/20 04:47 PM

Marc Crawford is the CEO and Co-Founder of Educational Measures and sets the strategic direction for the company. Marc was recognized in 2012 as a Top 5 Most Influential Young Professional by ColoradoBiz magazine and is Six Sigma certified. Marc is an avid runner and he also enjoys designing and making his kids' halloween costumes every year.

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Keeping audiences engaged during live events has challenged in-house meeting planners for years. When the COVID-19 pandemic canceled most live events, some companies looked to their internal events team to keep their businesses running.

“When everyone moved to work-from-home, we just couldn’t stop operations, even if we had to stop meeting in person. Our team was still getting calls about our products, and live events turned into a slew of conference calls out of necessity. That evolved into videoconferencing. We still needed to deliver helpful content,” said Ann LeBlanc, Senior Manager of Programs   Events at the RBC Global Asset Management.

Ann has been working with Educational Measures Array for content engagement solutions on iPads at her live events for years. When in-person events transitioned online in March 2020, she and her team decided to try Array Virtual. They were thrilled to see that many of their favorite Array features were intact in the new interface.

“We tried Array Virtual for our internal national sales event, and we’re moving forward with it for external meetings,” Ann continued.

“We already knew that we’d love the technology, we just needed to see how everything looked and felt online. Array Virtual is very similar to how things worked in person, and our team appreciated the consistency of the experience. They liked the features and training. Having the presenter and the presentation on the same screen was really well received,” Ann added.

“At home, there are multiple distractions,” Ann says. “Polling questions are there for our speakers. They help keep our audiences engaged. We’ve had to rethink how long the meetings go for, and how the information flows for online presentations.”

“Once we move into hybrid events, we will definitely consider using Array Virtual to provide the same experience for people who are in person and those who are at home,” she added.

The RBC Global Asset Management events team discovered that Educational Measures Array successfully kept people engaged during their large, in-person meetings in 2016 and has used it ever since. The group usually runs 50 in-person annual events of up to 200 attendees for sales teams and financial advisors.

When Ann’s audiences filed into meetings, “The iPad provided a ‘wow factor.’ It was great to hand them a device that they stayed on, instead of going to their own devices. They don’t check email or get distracted in our meetings.”

“Having to respond to polls and take action was a great engagement tool for our advisors. We also felt it was greener to hand out an iPad than paper,” Ann said.

“We keep coming back to Educational Measures because of the service and the people,” Ann explained. “They are an extension of our team. Even though they’re not next to us right now, we know they are making things work. We know things will run smoothly (when we work together), and that they have our back. We always look forward to working together, and we look forward to sitting together at the AV booth again soon.”

RBC Global Asset Management is the asset management division of Royal Bank of Canada.

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