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Infusing Value Into Your Live Meetings

Lindsay Hanzlik
Posted byLindsay Hanzlik
on 03/3/17 03:00 PM

Lindsay Hanzlik is a Content Marketer. She has been the head of marketing in several small businesses in Denver. Her experience spans from B2B professional services to B2C retail. Her roles have overseen all facets of marketing including strategy creation and implementation, end-to-end campaign development, budget management, graphic design, website analytics, and copywriting. She has a degree in writing and is a published poet dedicated to communicating complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner. Lindsay spends her free time with her husband, family, and two pet rabbits. She also has an ever-growing library of hobbies including photography, music, sculpting, baking, and (of course) writing.

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We can no longer rely on the traditional methods of reaching our audience such as bullet-heavy PowerPoints, nine-digit audience response systems (ARS), or simple talking heads. 

We should not accept that the only way to deliver a meeting experience is by boring our audience to death. It’s time to take a stand against dull meetings that cost a fortune. Make your investment worthwhile with next-generation meeting tools.

As you know, every event, meeting, or conference you host must have a value. Not only is value important for you in justifying the large expense that often accompanies these events, but it is also imperative that your audience sees a reason for attending. Just as you have criteria for what you want your events to look like, your audience take note of expectations that were or were not met while attending. Don’t forget that your audience has needs too, and many of these needs can be met simply by adopting next-gen meeting tools.


interactive technology in live meetings


Here are a few ways that interactive live meeting technology fulfill audience needs while also meeting business goals:

The Need For Information  

It’s no secret that the desire for information has increased. With an approximated 4 million likes generated every minute on Facebook, 500 million tweets posted a day,  and hashtags like #love used over 800 million times on Instagram, according to Social Pilot’s 2017 statistic review, it’s evident that our society is both sharing and consuming more information than ever before. So, what is a solution for this need within meetings?

Next-gen meeting technology not only provides a new way to receive and digest content, it also gives users the ability to alter or update information real-time. Paired with stellar content, participant knowledge retention has the potential to increase up to 20x. You no longer have to wonder whether or not the audience is actually paying attention.

The Need For Personalization  

We are continuously moving more toward an experience age where event-goers want information and interaction tailored to their needs. Cookie-cutter presentations just won't cut it anymore. 

With next-gen meeting technology tools, you can create a personalized dialog during the presentation, allowing speakers to adjust the presented content based on the audience's unique qualities including their personality and learning style.

The Need for Socialization

The desire for socialization isn’t just fulfilled in attendee to attendee communication, it also refers to an individual’s need to interact with the content, speaker, and event. At any given live meeting, you are likely to have a handful of more introverted participants. As an element of socialization, it is critical that all attendees feel connected with the event.

Though this seems like an intangible metric, next-gen meeting technology has the ability to measure audience satisfaction in a variety of ways. Sentiment is a key identifier to determine the quality of experience all audience members are having, even those who are less outspoken. Through simple polling, audience members’ mood and satisfaction levels can be measured throughout the event utilizing emoticons, rating, and ranking.


Incorporating interactive meeting technology into events results in a far more meaningful experience for your attendees resulting in increased knowledge retention, more informed decision-making, improvement in ROI, and higher satisfaction of your attendees.  


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