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How To Achieve Real Value From Your Live Meeting Technology

Melanie Conrardy
on 12/17/18 06:00 PM

Melanie Conrardy is Vice President of Operations and Client Success at Educational Measures. She’s been with EM for over 10 years and has held a variety of positions from Data Coordinator to Senior Project Manager to her current position. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Marquette University. When she’s not at work, she enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband and two children.

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Confession time. Have you ever chosen the latest and greatest event tech to impress your audience because it “looks cool”? Yep, we've all done it. Sometimes, we have to do things that aren’t entirely strategic. Particularly when we are under pressure to do something "new" or "exciting". But fear not! The  good news is that second screen technology like iPads can help you achieve real value from your meetings and events. Let me tell you how.

Make no mistake. Your world is strategic. Beyond that, regulatory requirements and the emergence of Strategic Meeting Management will eventually expose frivolous spending. So you need to be prepared to justify every expense in terms of ROI.

Now bear with me here, because I'm going to tell you how to get beyond "shiny object syndrome" and uncover opportunities you may be missing to achieve real success with in-room technology.

Opportunities to Achieve Real Value with Meeting Technology

I’m a visual learner so, here are over 10 ways you could be getting more from your meeting technology.



And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let's take a closer look at some of these missed opportunities. 

3 Opportunities You Can't Ignore

First off, in-room iPads solves the issue of access. You aren't dependent on your audience's ability to download and navigate an app or access wi-fi. It also makes your participants' interactions with the presented content a no-brainer. Slides are highly visible and your audience is free to engage in dozens of ways. This means more opportunity for you to capture data about what's resonating and what's not. Here are even more opportunities you may be missing out on with your current event technology: 




Opportunity 1: Increase Sales

Believe it or not, your meeting technology can provide you with actionable insights to increase sales.

With engagement tech, you can adopt a progressive profiling strategy to better understand each attendee. Utilize polling and surveys to collect audience data, then incorporate what you’ve captured into your CRM.

With this personalized data, your sales team will be able to fine-tune their follow-up approach. If a participant submitted a question, the sales person can see what that question was and send relevant articles or marketing materials on that subject.

If the participant saved a slide or took a note, your sales representatives can be sure to mention these topics in their next conversation.

Second screen iPad technology can also help you and your sales team identify objections and questions right when they come up. If the audience doesn't buy into your value proposition (which can be determined by identifying a decrease in actions taken, lower slide rating, or increase in clarification questions), your mediator or speaker can identify and address questions and objections in real-time. This will improve their understanding of your product or service and its associated benefits.

Meeting technology improves message decoding and retention, fuels an organizations CRM, and shortens the lead life-cycle—all of which ultimately lead to more revenue.

Opportunity 2: Achieve ROI

How much are you spending on iPad rental, app integration, and delivery? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Do you know what your ROI is or have you set an ROI goal? You already have budget for rentals, so why not put that toward a measurable return on that investment that lasts more than a few days?

With second screen technology, you can increase your relative “return” by tuning into your audience. You can see what information is relevant to your attendees so you can adjust content over time. A few ways you can determine what content was best received include reviewing what slides were saved the most, which slides ranked the highest or lowest, or what topics were reoccurring in audience questions or notes.

Rather than simply having a “cool” device that provides immediate participation opportunity, meeting engagement technology aggregates engagement data that can be used to strategize future meeting agendas, improve messaging, and even increase attendance.

Opportunity 3: Conduct research.

Your meeting is full of industry experts, decision makers, and influencers. While you might be focused on showing how your product meets their needs, you’re missing out on an opportunity to ask them about their perspective

Instead of just presenting on your own view of current trends, why not ask thought leaders in our audience about future trends?

These participants have a direct channel to your end-user. Instead of spending an additional slice of your budget on segmented research, go straight to the source to see what the market says. Utilize surveys, polling, and crowd comment to understand how risk averse the market is or adopt open-ended questions to get a fresh perspective and some new topics to toss around at subsequent events or sessions.

Then, publish your findings and share them with your audience. Not only will it improve your credibility, it will also guide you in new product development, advertising and marketing, and sales pitches. 

Making a Change

Your meeting technology should be more than just a pretty face. Whether you think it is necessary to use all the features available within their meeting app or not, we are quickly approaching a time where you competitors can easily eclipse you simply by doing so. 

Don’t let your little secret sabotage all the other strategic elements of your planning. Take advantage of the opportunities available by asking more of your meeting technology. 


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