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Ryan Mazon

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Ryan is Senior Vice President, Business Development at Educational Measures
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Is Your Content Confidential? How to Plan Secure Life Sciences Meetings

Can you believe it? Madonna, Amy Schumer, The Lumineers and even Broadway shows like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s co-created “Freestyle Love Supreme” have made headlines for forcing attendees to hand over their phones when arriving at performances.

The Complete Guide to Effective Investigator Meetings

Effective investigator meetings are pivotal to bringing new drugs and devices to market.

When done right, these meetings can transform individual healthcare professionals into a cohesive study team.

But beware!

Designing successful investigator meetings is no small feat. It requires strong leadership and good communication, often among individuals from different countries. Everyone needs to be...

Measuring and Improving Medical Meetings: The Complete Guide

Today, I'm going to show you how to measure and continuously improve your live medical meetings. You'll learn the analytical secrets to help you measure key performance indicators like ROI. And no, you don't need to be a data scientist or analytics expert to take advantage of this guide. You simply need to know what to measure and how. In fact, success with meeting analytics starts with asking...

Best Ways to Amp Up Audience Participation with Second Screen Technology

Don't you just hate watching someone fall asleep during a conference session? Their head nods slightly, but they catch themselves. They look around to see if anyone has noticed. They're embarrassed and you're embarrassed for them. You've invested a lot in planning your live event and the last thing you want to see is bored participants. Unfortunately, it's a common problem. Make no mistake...


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