January 10, 2017
Data and Analytics

Educational Measures Pushes Live Meeting Analytics Toward Real-Time

Meeting planners and executives no longer wait for measurement of meeting impact

Denver, Colorado – January 10, 2017 – (PRWEB) – Educational Measures LLC (“EM”), the leader in live meeting analytics and engagement technology, announced today two Live Meeting Analytics products to help conference planners quickly measure meeting impact. EM One-Touch Reporting delivers a survey, evaluation and polling summary the minute the meeting ends. EM Insights Report is a post-meeting printed report summarizing all aspects of participant engagement. These offerings demonstrate EM’s commitment to live meeting analytics as core to their business.

 “Our clients are more analytic-savvy than ever before,” said Marc Crawford, co-founder and CEO of EM. “To meet customer demand for ‘more analytics, faster,’ we are pushing reporting toward real-time. Meeting analytics will transform the conference industry in 2017 and we will continue to explore what can be done with both discovery and predictive technology.”

With EM One-Touch Reporting, second screen technology users get a complete summary of all surveys, evaluations, polling, and questions asked, all at the touch of a single button. The immediacy of information gives stakeholder the data they need to course correct during a single event or series of meetings.

EM Insights Report arms meeting professionals with deep insight into engagement and presenter effectiveness. The audience is broken down into engaged and highly engaged participants. Since every action is associated with a slide, it is clear what is working and what is not. This intelligence puts a continuous improvement cycle in motion.

“We are seeing up to 60% response rates on surveys and evaluations, well beyond response rates for paper or audience response systems,” said John Santaferraro, chief analytics officer at EM. “That gives us all the data we need to accurately measure meeting impact and interaction the moment the meeting ends.”

Both offerings are immediately available.

About Educational Measures
Educational Measures is the leading provider of live meeting analytics and engagement technology. Our next-generation EM ARRAY® second screen technology takes ordinary meetings and turns them into dynamic experiences. Live meeting data and analytics drive actionable insight for continual improvement. Our customers increase audience engagement by up to 20X, surprise attendees with more than 25 interactive capabilities and continually improve meeting impact with data driven insight. Educational Measures® and Educational Measures ARRAY® are trademarks of Educational Measures LLC.