May 23, 2017
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Educational Measures Extends Second Screen Technology to Virtual Audiences

Unified engagement platform for live and remote audiences enables hybrid-meeting analytics

Denver, Colorado – May 23, 2017 – (PRWEB) – Educational Measures, LLC (“EM”), the leader in live meeting analytics and engagement technology, today announced EM Virtual Array, an online engagement technology that extends live meeting engagement to virtual audiences. Event and conference stakeholders can maximize meeting return on investment beyond the four walls the meeting room, putting the same second screen in your live meeting and in the hands of anyone, anywhere.

With EM Virtual Array, content and engagement is delivered to anyone with an internet connection and a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Because EM Virtual Array runs on the same system as the EM Array™ onsite version, all polling data and slide interactions are captured in a single place for reporting and analytics. For the first time, meeting planners and executives can compare engagement and knowledge transfer across remote and live audiences.

“Our customers are constantly looking for ways to lower meeting costs without sacrificing meeting impact,” said Marc Crawford, chief executive officer of EM. “Live meeting analytics track engagement, retention and revenue for both virtual and live audiences, replacing blind cost-cutting with data-driven insight.”

EM Virtual Array comes with the full set of EM Array™ engagement features including polling, surveys, speaker questions, slide saving, note taking, slide ratings and more. The addition of video recording and streaming enables meeting planners to leverage production assets during and after the event. Cost savings includes the elimination of travel, lodging, food & beverage, printing, shipping and handling for virtual audiences.

EM Virtual Array is also available for virtual-only audiences.

EM Virtual Array is immediately available. Contact Educational Measures for pricing.


About Educational Measures
Educational Measures is the leading provider of live meeting analytics and engagement technology. Our next-generation EM Array second screen technology takes ordinary meetings and turns them into dynamic experiences. Live meeting analytics maximize return on investment with data-driven decisions and multiply meeting impact with previously undiscoverable insight. Our customers increase audience engagement by up to 20X, surprise attendees with more than 25 interactive capabilities and continually improve meeting impact. Educational Measures®, EM ARRAY™, and EM Virtual Array™ are trademarks of Educational Measures LLC.