July 12, 2017

Educational Measures Drives Audience Engagement and Meeting Analytics with Gamification

Rich gaming data facilitates memorable meeting experiences and valuable meeting analytics

Denver, Colorado – July 12, 2017 – (PRWEB) – Educational Measures, LLC (“EM”), the leader in live meeting analytics and engagement technology, today announced self-paced and facilitated gaming as part of EM Array™ audience engagement technology. 

Event and conference professionals can now deliver memorable meeting experiences and increased knowledge transfer with three gaming elements: leaderboards, a spinning wheel and a confidence-based learning game.

“Gaming facilitates ‘edutainment,’ learning made fun,” said Marc Crawford, chief executive officer of EM. “The enjoyment of the game reduces the challenge of learning. Without even knowing it, your audience will walk away knowing more about your product, your process or your content.”

EM’s leaderboard can be used with either of the new gaming environments or standalone to track engagement in both EM Array and EM Virtual Array. The spinning wheel allows meeting stakeholders to pose polling questions in a fun environment, which increases engagement and multiplies polling responses. EM’s confidence-based learning is a self-paced environment that applies a scoring model base on both right or wrong answers and the participant’s confidence in their answers.

As gaming increases audience engagement, business sponsors collect a richer set of data. With data pouring into an analytics database, meeting executives can take advantage of EM One-Touch, Onsite Reporting, as well as, EM Insight Report, a summary of all participant engagement for every event. Meeting analytics, driven by gaming, support meeting improvement, learning excellence and revenue growth.

EM Array gaming is immediately available. Contact Educational Measures for pricing.

About Educational Measures
Educational Measures is the leading provider of live meeting analytics and engagement technology. Our next-generation EM Array second screen technology takes ordinary meetings and turns them into dynamic experiences. Live meeting analytics maximize return on investment with data-driven decisions and multiply meeting impact with previously undiscoverable insight. Our customers increase audience engagement by up to 20X, surprise attendees with more than 25 interactive capabilities and continually improve meeting impact. Educational Measures®, EM Array™, and EM Virtual Array™ are trademarks of Educational Measures LLC.