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RBC Global Asset Management Case Study: Keep Remote Audiences Engaged During Online Meetings

Keeping audiences engaged during live events has challenged in-house meeting planners for years. When the COVID-19 pandemic canceled most live events, some companies looked to their internal events team to keep their businesses running.

Finding a Pandemic Silver Lining for Meeting Planning

The United Soybean Board (USB) had been working with Nancy Weiss, a Meeting Architect with Kinsley Meetings, for many years when the COVID-19 pandemic canceled their live meeting schedule. Nancy shared with us what it’s been like to quickly pivot to online meetings and shared the silver lining to the pandemic that she sees for the future of meeting planning.

Five Top Tips To Engage Virtual Meeting Members

Five recommendations to make sure your remote audience is as engaged as your in-person audience.

An investor meeting for today’s “new normal”

At New 2ND Capital, we had been exploring ways to modernize our yearly annual meeting, including moving to a completely electronic presentation format (eliminating the expense, waste and time associated with hard copy presentations), providing remote viewing options for investors that could not attend in person, as well as looking for ways to measure attendees’ engagement with the content and...

Facing Force Majeure: Is Coronavirus Foreshadowing the Future of Event Planning?

What do Cisco, the House of Armani, Salesforce, Facebook, and JP Morgan Chase have in common?All of these businesses cancelled their large onsite events in response to growing global concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Is Your Content Confidential? How to Plan Secure Life Sciences Meetings

Can you believe it? Madonna, Amy Schumer, The Lumineers and even Broadway shows like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s co-created “Freestyle Love Supreme” have made headlines for forcing attendees to hand over their phones when arriving at performances.

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