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Live Meetings: A Catalyst for Customer Relationship Management

By 2017, customer relationship management (CRM) software will be a $36 billion industry. While some businesses will harness this technology effectively and capitalize on their investment, others will not, squandering valuable marketing dollars year after year.

3 Steps Toward Creating Memorable Live Meetings

It’s painful to sit in meetings where someone reads their slides, presents nothing but facts, or drones on about something completely irrelevant to the audience. We have all been subject to death by PowerPoint in session after session, sometimes for days on end. 

The Cost of Digital Distractions in Live Meetings

As a business owner, live meeting expert, and human being in general, I know that technology is both an invaluable asset and monumental challenge. 

Live Meeting Analytics: Decoding the Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

Live meetings have historically existed as a physical place to interact with your audience. Quantifiable insights were always difficult to gather, and even harder to translate into something useful like a meeting planner.

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